Show Reviews

“Still alive and infectiously funny… Slick, polished, painstakingly rehearsed & perfectly performed – NO! None of those adjectives adequately describe these ridiculously self-effacing comediennes… Their followers were often laughing too loudly to hear the punch lines at all.” Arthur Duncan, Remotegoat

“It can only be a matter of time before blossoming female comedy duo O’Shea & O’Gaukroger are household names.” Jackie Butler, Western Morning News
“The funniest women in the world O’Shea & O’Gaukroger are here. Lovely people, too.” David Quantick, Writer & Critic
“These two are original, energetic and genuinely funny. They utilise a combination of character sketches, topical songs, ridiculous poetry, and audience involvement to breeze through their fast paced hour long act… O’Shea & O’Gaukroger have a growing reputation and seem to be touring constantly throughout the country.”
David Humphrey,
“O’Shea & O’Gaukroger provide a great night of laughs… Both are very talented, and they engage brilliantly with the audience.” Lydia Tewkesbury, Wildfire
“…such a talented comedy duo …laugh out loud funny…reminded me of an early French and Saunders at their very best. Can’t wait to see what they do next.”
John Tomkins Director / Producer
“…laugh out loud funny…Creating, writing and producing their own characters, sketches and film shorts these girls are real, raw talent…O’Shea & O’Gaukroger are guaranteed to keep you laughing long after leaving the auditorium.”
“…original and wonderfully witty on stage.”   Rosalind Campbell
         “I really liked this duo, and the audience liked the theatricality of their act….” Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club, Birmingham
“…the essentials of quality comic performances…the laughs come thick and fast… enact various caricatures…as effectively as Morecombe & Wise ever did…Their material is witty, intelligent… look like they’re ‘hot’ in the ‘Success’ mould, fired toward stardom…O’Shea & O’Gaukroger can only get more inventive and funnier with every appearance in 2013 so don’t miss them wherever they appear on their current UK Tour.”
Arthur Duncan, Remotegoat 
“This is a cracking show, full of memorable characters and fast-paced routines… quick wit, expressive faces, wonderful singing…The warmth and intelligence of ‘A Comedy of Careers’ frequently reminded me of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters…(O & O) are cut from the same excellent quality cloth…”   Avril Silk, Remotegoat 
“These girls just keep getting better…with their new show, A Comedy of Careers, they have raised the bar. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on a TV set near you very soon…(they) stand out…these girls pull off one brilliant character after another…make sure you are available the next time they hit the stage.”  Jenna Richards, Phonic FM
“…great chemistry, a rather formidable act…this Exeter-based twosome has a bright future and definitely shouldn’t be missed.”
Simon Roger Key, The People’s Republic South Devon
“Embodying the essentials of quality comic performance…’hilariously histrionic’… appealing that the audience – a mix of ages – immediately took these girls to their hearts…reminding this ‘old-timer’ of The Two Ronnies…don’t miss them wherever they appear.”
Arthur Duncan, Remotegoat 
“…Two rising stars.  In years to come I expect to say, ‘I saw [O&O] in the early days of their career.’…They appeal to a wide age-range, pitching their show effectively between cutting edge discomfort and cosy complacency.” Avril Silk, Remotegoat

Music & Fringe Festival Testimonials

“O&O’s don’t do Edinburgh. But they DID do NOZSTOCK. Tess O’Gaukroger and Marina O’Shea took everything that a festival crowd could throw at them with the calm acknowledgment of the established pros they are. And aside from one majestically wasted heckler that was all laughs… These lasses have their funny bones in just the right place with a slick mixed set of sketches, film snippets and the kind of inclusive audience interaction that gets everyone giggling. Even the gummy bears… Here’s hoping they avoid Edinburgh again in 2015!” Ali Campbell – Theatre Manager, Nozstock: The Hidden Valley

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“The litmus test for any act is ‘can they hold a crowd’? Our Live Lounge marquee has a fluctuating audience who drift in, stay if they like what they hear, and drift out if they don’t, as there’s plenty else going on at Chagstock. Nobody drifted out of O’Shea & O’Gaukroger’s 45-minute set, which accumulated a large and enthusiastic audience and made a refreshing comedic break in our music programme.They were very professional to deal with, too.” Peter Shields, Chagstock 2014 ‘Live Lounge’ Organiser
“Convinced we’ll be seeing them on our boxes at home, anytime soon… One whole hour of non-stop laughter with an array of mixed up, outlandish, hilariously funny sketches written completely by the girls… Geniuses at work, the girls went off with a bang at this year’s comedy for the Fringe.  O’Shea & O’Gaukroger on the last night solidified the general consensus that women can give the guys a run for their money!” Marvin Herron, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival
“O&O bring out the sunshine with a song, dance and a couple of whoops!! Loving your work, girls!! So much fun.” Emma Scruton, Future of Music Festival 
“If you want Comperes with the organization, stamina and rigor of a non stop, well oiled, comedy compering, singing, dancing, festival machine…..then book O&O. Do it, do it now!” Samuel Holmes, Future of Music Festival 
“Funny, sassy and energetic, O&O pulled the whole festival together, never wrongfooted, genuinely happy through rain or shine .. I think we all fell in love with them a little. ” John Allsopp, Future of Music Festival