“That was the exact moment I knew something was different. That was when I woke up.”

Imagine you have a birthmark on your face. You’ve had it all your life. You’ve had to put up with people staring, pointing and asking questions. Sometimes it makes you feel like a monster. Sometimes it makes you feel beautiful. But now you are finally on your way to accepting it. And you want to talk about it.

Performance collective O&O present The Way I Look, a new piece of physical theatre that explores the relationship between identity and appearance drawing from the personal stories of people with facial birthmarks and scars.

Funny and bold, The Way I Look tells their stories and their struggle to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and concern. We see the experiences that carve their journey to finding their place in the world. Energetic, evocative and uncompromisingly honest, The Way I Look is a story for anyone who has ever felt different.

The Idea Behind It All

How much of our identity is informed by our physical appearance? How does this affect the day to day lives of those of us who look different? As one of us is a performer with a facial birthmark, it’s a subject that we are interested in starting a conversation about.We want to draw attention to the experiences of people living with facial anomalies, to challenge people’s natural thought processes and to encourage a conversation about how to approach the subject with kindness and consideration. The show will embark on a pilot tour of the UK in Autumn 2017 with an ensemble of six, before being redeveloped for a larger tour in 2018.

We are honoured to have the wonderful Let’s Face It on board; a support network for survivors and patients of facial cancer and other facial injuries who wish to advocate for our work. We also have Changing Faces, a charity that campaigns for facial equality and the Centre For Appearance Research advising us during the devising process.We’re grateful to all of these organisations for lending us their time and expertise.

If you are affected by this issue please feel free to get in touch to tell us of your experiences.